Terms and Conditions

The Great Cre8 – Terms and Conditions

  1. Entries are divided into the following categories:

For those aged 16+ there are 7 Categories:

Drawing (e.g. pencil, pen, crayon…)

Poetry (Maximum 30 lines)


Edible Art (e.g. cake art, vegetable art…)

Sculpture (e.g. wood, clay, mixed media…)

Painting (e.g. oils, watercolour, acrylic…)

Textiles (e.g. embroidery, lace, patchwork, quilting…)

For those 15 and under: there is 1 open category for individuals and one open category for a young person’s group.  Any of the mediums listed above can be used.

  1. Winners will be:
    7 x adult category winners (individual and groups welcome)
    1 x young person’s individual winner
    1 x young person’s group winner
    1 x overall adult winner
  2. Poems: Should be no longer than 30 lines and have a title (title not included in the line count). Entries must be typed – any clear font, 12 pt, black, single spaced, except between stanzas.
  3. Entries from entrants aged 15 and under must be submitted by an adult (e.g. parent/guardian or teacher) on behalf of the entrant. The adult submitting the competition entry will be required to agree to the competition terms and conditions by way of a check-box on the online form.
  4. For Schools & Community Groups: If you would like to submit group art work please use the group entry forms. In the event that a group wins a category or the overall prize, the prize value remains the same to be shared amongst the group.
  5. Artists must choose which category they feel best describes their work and a piece can be entered into 1 category only. Artists can submit only 1 piece of artwork per category. For mixed media pieces, please choose the category you feel most represents your work.
  6. Each artist can enter each category only once, up to 7 entries per person in total.
  7. This is a virtual competition and judging will be from a photograph of the work which must be submitted along with the submission form. Photographs must be of a reasonable quality to allow judging but no more than 5MB in size.  Up to 3 photographs can be submitted for work with a 3-dimensional quality.
  8. Works must be received by 11.59pm GMT on 2nd  June. Winners will be announced by 30th June and winners will be notified by email in the first instance and telephone if email not acknowledged.
  9. Entries can be by an individual artist or a group (maximum 5 people).
  10. All submissions must be accompanied by information about the medium used and size together with a description, in no more than 50 words, why your piece of work relates to “support”
  11. There is no Entry Fee however we ask that you consider a minimum donation of £10 to support our Discover a Passion Campaign.
  12. Entries that do not comply with the rules will be disqualified but donations cannot be returned for disqualified entries.
  13. By submitting, you are deemed to warrant that all work submitted is your own work and contains nothing that breaches copyright, plagiarises others’ work or infringes any intellectual property rights whatsoever. By submitting, you confirm that no privacy or publicity rights have been violated.
  14. The copyright of each entry remains with the artist/s. However, by entering the competition, the author grants SSJ, Southern Co-op and media involved in reporting on the project the right to publish on social media, website, newspapers, display at various locations and/or broadcast their work/a photograph of their work alongside entrants full name age range, school and/or borough/city.
  15. The information you provide to SSJ is safe with us and we do not sell your data to third parties. SSJ will use and hold your data in accordance with the Privacy Policy which may be found here.
  16. Works will be judged anonymously.
  17. We reserve the right to close any of the competition categories if the submission numbers exceed 200. We will give 3-days’ notice on the website before closing any competition categories before the deadline.
  18. Where possible, originals of the work must be kept until the judging has been completed. Winners may have the option of their work being displayed around Hampshire so please keep the originals.
  19. The competition organisers reserve the right to display photographs/prints of the winners work rather than original works if deemed more appropriate.
  20. The competition organisers reserve the right to change the judging panel at any time and without notice.
  21. The competition organisers reserve the right not to award prizes if this action is justified.
  22. The competition organisers reserve the right to change the competition timeframes and/or prizes if necessary.
  23. Judging will be based on interpretation of the idea; originality/creativity, technique/presentation and skill level. The judge’s decision is final and neither the judges nor the competition organisers will enter into any correspondence.
  24. Prizes must be claimed within two months of the winners being announced.
  25. We accept no responsibility to any party for any technical failure whatsoever.
  26. We accept no responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any entrant submitting work to this event, howsoever caused.
  27. Content – we reserve the right not to show artwork deemed to have inappropriate content for our social media platforms, or to blur or label “sensitive”. The competition organisers decision on this is final.
  28. Please keep checking the website for updates and for announcement of our winners and the work.
  29. Please note that an alternative prize to the same value will be provided if conditions mean this is necessary.